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I see the scurrilous South Wales Echo have been at it again and the kudos for the idea of hydro generations from the spots mentioned in their 1st December Article not given to Crazydave. After all these years of batting on about it, and everyone ignoring the blogs n videos about it all.

Yes I am glad to see that they are going to actually do something but when they have a line from the hypocrite Julie Morgan my former MP who did nothing what so ever about the idea when I sent it to her just makes me wanna wring her neck, and that of the Editor, for being complicit in her criminal negligence of my plight.

I also believe that she should be deemed an 'Unfit Proper Person' and be disbarred from running in the Assembly election in May 2011 that would be Social Justice for this constituent. But what are the chances of that. Pretty low at the moment Crazydave what with the BBC being culpable in her discrimination along with the Western Mail n Echo.

So here are the videos shot in 2007/8 of the three sites proposed in this article in the South Wales Echo nothing about the menningriffiths waterwheel though and I wonder if one of comparable size replaced the old one what the output in terms of wattage would be compared to these screw turbines? Plus some blog url's from 2006 just to show how long I have been at this.

These 2 vids were placed on youtube on 27th may 2007

While these were uploaded on the 18th March 2008

Meanwhile an assortment of blogs have been created sent to the Usual Suspects from this posted on blogger June the 2nd 2006 to this Posted on the 14th November 2007 with a link to this blog Posted on the 27th May 2007 with video links for the Usual Suspects to have a look at. Needless to say none of them or any members of any Sustainability Committees either in Parliament or the Welsh Assembly bothered to reply.

Where have the media been all the while, well not dealing with the issues that's for sure. So remember People That South Wales Echo Lie Cheat and Deceive you over the doings of Cardiff county Council and the Welsh Assembly Government to the detriment of the People of Wales.

Else why haven't they demanded on the tenants behalf for the Councils housing stock to be transferred to Housing Association Ownership so that we can all have a rent reduction of over £12.00 per week rather than sending £11 million a year in rent money back to Whitehall. Isn't that Right Mr. Carwyn Jones? That's what Cardiff County Council do isn't it Mr. Jones?

Love N light People from Crazydave for a full list of blogs go to

P.S. Rather puts the lie to the Echo's article don't you think Mr. Dafydd Ellis Thomas soon to be no longer the chief presiding officer at the Welsh Assembly if there is any Social Justice in Wales on grounds that he is not a fit and proper person either, complicit in the discrimination of Crazydave with his 'no locus in these issues' What first Ministers Culpable in Criminal Negligence and doing nothing to end it?

So who do I have to contact to get Julie Morgan consigned to history as any kind of political representative Echo Editor Dude? Not that the Assembly complaints department will do anything on my behalf except try and baffle with bullshit when they know what the complaint is? Any kind of public inquiry going to be instigated on my behalf? and when are they going to re-designate houses of multiple occupancy shared houses Bevan Foundation Rowntree foundation to end adult poverty/child poverty?


Here is the email reply from Mr. Peter Vaughan office but so far nothing else given that I received it on the 15th November 2010 you have to ask why not Mr. Vaughan?

Subject: RE: Introductory email for Mr. Peter Vaughan CCswpolice
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 08:30:12 +0000
To: David Gabriel


Good Morning Mr Gabriel,

Thank you for your e-mail.  Please be assured that it has been forwarded to the relevant department.


Kim Laing
Administration Officer
Corporate Support/Cymorth Corfforaethol
South Wales Police / Heddlu De Cymru

And this was sent to the Complaints Officer for Adult Services today the 9th Dec 2010.

Hello there
In order to expedite this letter I intend delivering next week, with attachments I am emailing it today for convenience sake as so my MP can have a copy, and in the hope that immediate action might be taken to re-house me, either by the employment of a social worker dedicated to that end or some other support so that I do not have to face intimidation any more in my home life.

FAO Complaints Officer Adults Services 

Hi (pity no name on the Councils web site) Attached to this you will find a letter from my new GP it is headed to Mr. Michael Murphy the not so long ago Head of Adult Services, not sure if he still is your Web site again does not make that easy to find out? Also attached is  recent notice posted on the front door of 15/15a (removed for privacy) and I would like to know exactly what the Legal Action is to be taken against me and my what my right to representation is before any action is taken?
The complaint to you is that Mr. Michael Murphy has been complicit in the Discrimination towards myself by not seeing that I be re-housed. I have written enough about this in my blogs a list of which can be found at and do not intend to cover it here. There you will also find videos posted on youtube to highlight my plight as a tenant in a Council Property where I am subject to intimidation via the other tenant due to its configuration ie A property that does not meet minimum building standard regulations, and I would like that to end as soon as is Humanely possible.  Your Re-housing application keep getting returned to me on the spurious ground that I have not placed a specific area on the form? When they refuse to respond to my question can you tell me where there are bungalows in Cardiff that I might be re-housed to given my special needs? That they have also been complicit in the continued discrimination shown to me by elected and unelected officials at Cardiff County Council is self evident to me. I Trust that you will take this as a Corporate Complaint and this time I do get furnished with a Corporate Complaint Number.
You might like to start with looking at this blog or this for ease of reference. Unless like Councillor Ed Bridges you are already aware of my issues? See this video on youtube One of the 60 Elected Officials who has been complicit in the discrimination and criminal negligence towards me.
I trust that rather than letters pinging to and fro, some immediate action be arranged so that I am re-housed in a bungalow where I will not have to suffer any further harassment from other human beings, in my day to day home life? See this latest blog as to that ongoing never appear to ending situation that others appear to consider acceptable?

Yours David Gabriel

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